How to Create a Menu Screen for Windows Movie Maker

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Windows Live Movie Maker is a free desktop video program for Microsoft Windows. It doesn't include tools for creating menus. However, you can create menu screens for your Movie Maker projects using Windows DVD Maker. Windows DVD Maker includes menu templates you can choose from and customize. DVD Maker creates buttons that link to your individual movies automatically. Windows DVD Maker is included in the Home Premium, Professional, Ultimate and Enterprise editions of Microsoft Windows 7.


Step 1

Publish your completed Windows Movie Maker files to your computer. For each video your want to include on the DVD, click the arrow below the Save Movie button in Movie Maker, and choose "For Computer" to convert your Movie Maker file into a Windows Media Video (WMV) file.

Step 2

Open Windows DVD Maker and click the "Choose Photos and Videos" button to begin creating a DVD. Click the "Add Items" button to locate and add your videos to the DVD. Use the arrow buttons to arrange the videos in the desired order.


Step 3

Click the "Options" link to choose how you want the menu to function. In the Choose DVD Playback Settings section, choose "Start With DVD Menu" or "Play Video and End With DVD Menu." Click "OK" to close the DVD options dialog box, and click "Next" to continue creating your DVD's menu.

Step 4

Select a menu style from those available and click "Customize Menu" to see the menu's options. Configure the font, button and other options as desired. Click "Preview" to view how your choices affect the menu or "Change Style" to save your menu settings.


Step 5

Click "Menu Text" to change the text that appears in your menu. Enter the text you want to use to play the entire DVD and select individual scenes or videos. Include credits or other information in the notes section. Click the "Change Text" button to save your changes.

Step 6

Click "Burn" when you are ready to burn the videos and menu to a DVD. Insert a writable DVD into your DVD burner and follow DVD Maker's instructions to complete the process.