How to Create a Simple Access Database Address Book

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You can organize your address book in an Access table.

Microsoft Access provides an ideal location to store your address book contacts. Instead of searching for contacts within your email or in a pile of paperwork, keep your contacts in one centralized location. After creating an address book in Access, you can send letters and email from the database. Whether you use Access personally or professionally, you can create a new table and populate it with data to produce an address book.


Step 1

Create a new Microsoft Access database, or open an existing database from the "File" tab of the ribbon at the top of the page. You can integrate your address book with other tables to maximize the capabilities of your database by using an existing Access database. If you only want the database to store your contacts, create a new database from scratch.

Step 2

Select the "Create" tab of the ribbon and click the "Table Design" button. This creates a table from a blank template and allows you to input the appropriate fields and data types. A table looks like an Excel spreadsheet, but it has a defined internal structure that you determine in the "Design View" of the table.


Step 3

Type the fields that you want available in the "Field Name" column of the table design grid. Your fields should include "Name," "Phone Number," "Street Address," "Email" and all other appropriate fields. Leave the "Data Type" as "Text" for most of your fields, except any numeric fields such as "Phone Number."

Step 4

Right-click on the unique identifier and select "Primary Key." "Primary Keys" allow you to build relationships between tables. Since the "Primary Key" field has a unique set of characters for each record, the characters help to locate records within your table.


Step 5

Select the "Home" tab of the ribbon, click "View" and select "Datasheet View." Enter all of your address book information into the table and press the "Save" icon in the upper-left corner. Click the arrow in the field header and select "Sort A to Z" or "Sort Z to A" to rearrange the order.


Format your "Phone Number" field to display all of your phone numbers in a consistent format. Select the "Input Mask Wizard" from the "Field Properties" of the table "Design View" and select "Phone Number."