How to Create a Table in WordPad

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Create a simple table using nothing more than WordPad.
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WordPad doesn't include functionality to create tables like Microsoft Word or Excel do. Instead, you set columns in WordPad or use HTML to create a table document. If you use white space well, especially when you set columns, the table can be easy to read even though it doesn't include cell borders.

HTML Table

Step 1

Place your cursor where you want to insert your table in your WordPad document.

Step 2

Start the table with the


Step 3

Add a row to your table with the tag:

Step 4

Add table headings with the tag to the first row of your table, and add the heading text between the tags:

Last Name First Name City State

Step 5

Insert another row, add cells to the row with the tag and add the cell text between the tags:

Last Name First Name City State
Smith James Coos Bay Oregon

Step 6

Continue adding rows and cells until you finish your table.

Step 7

Click "File" and "Save."

Step 8

Browse to and select a location for the file. In the File Name box, type in a filename and add ".html" or ".htm" to the end. In the Save As Type field, select "Text Document." Click "Save."

Step 9

Double-click the saved file to open it in a Web browser and see your table.

Set Columns

Step 1

Click the ruler along the top of the WordPad document to set a tab stop, and set one tab stop for the beginning of each column in your table. Include enough space in your columns so the text doesn't run together.

Step 2

Type each column header and apply bold formatting to the text to make it stand out. Press the "Tab" key to move your cursor to the next column, and press "Enter" to start a new row.

Step 3

Reposition the tab stops, if needed, by highlighting a cell's text and clicking and dragging the appropriate tab stop. Repeat this tweak for every cell in that column.