How to Create a Zip File of Pictures

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You can easily create a zip file without using a zip drive.

Many email providers prohibit you from sending large files, such as a mass collection of photographs, music tracks or video files. Creating a zip file will allow you to email large files through your email account. Zip files are comprised of compressed, archived files. They allow you to take your media files and reduce the file size for uploading, downloading and sending purposes. Though there are free zip programs online, Windows users can easily convert their digital images to zip files and share them with their friends, family members and loved ones without downloading any software.


Step 1

Create a new folder on your desktop screen. You can only create a zip file with images from a specific folder. Transfer your preferred digital images to the new folder by copying and pasting them. You can also transfer the images to the new folder by holding down the Ctrl button on your keyboard while you click each image with your mouse and drag it to the new folder.


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Step 2

Open the new folder on your desktop screen. If you're using Windows Vista, click the "Organize" tab and choose the "Select All" option. If you're using an earlier version of Windows, such as Windows XP, click the "Edit" tab and choose "Select All."


Step 3

Right click the selected images and choose the "Add to Archive" option. In the "Archive name and parameters" message box, check the box next to "Zip" in the "Archive format" pane.


Step 4

Name your zip file in the "Archive name" text box and click the "OK" button. Your new zip file will save to the desktop folder holding your digital images.



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