How to Create Album in Microsoft Publisher

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Microsoft Publisher is a desktop publishing software program that allows you to design many types of documents. Among these are web pages, publications such as newsletters and even a specially designed logo for your company. This program also offers you the ability to multitask by using resources and files from other Microsoft programs. This also includes the use of templates. One such template in particular is the photo album template.


Step 1

Open Publisher located on your Start Menu. Allow Publisher to load completely.

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Step 2

Download the album template style you wish to create. Save it to your PC and open it in Publisher. You can find Publisher album templates on the Microsoft website (see link in Resources).


Step 3

Add your photographs stored in your Pictures file folder to the Publisher album template. Select "Picture Frame" located on the Objects toolbar. Now you will see a dialog box labeled "Insert Picture." Select the picture you want to add. Select "Insert" and then "Link to File."


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