How to Create App Folders on iPhones or iPads

Putting similar apps in the same folder makes them easier to find.
Image Credit: Image courtesy of Apple.

App folders are a great way to organize the home screen on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. By combining app icons into folders, not only will your screen be less cluttered, apps are easier to find when you need them. Of course, folders are also a handy way to keep your app library a little more private. Candy Crush Saga will be less conspicuous at work if you hide it in a folder labeled "Kids Apps" or "Home Finances."

Step 1

Touch and hold an icon until it begins to jiggle.
Image Credit: Image courtesy of Apple.

Touch and hold any icon on your iPhone or iPad home screen until the icons begin to jiggle, indicating that the home screen is in editing mode. Note that X-shaped Delete buttons also appear on any apps icons you installed yourself.

Step 2

Drag one icon onto another.
Image Credit: Image courtesy of Apple.

Drag one icon onto the middle of another icon. If the icons merely shift to new positions, try again. The two icons will create a folder.

Step 3

The folder opens as soon as it's created.
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Continue holding the icon you dragged for a second or two until the folder opens, with the two icons inside. IOS automatically gives the new folder a name based on the types of apps inside.

Step 4

Rename the folder by tapping it.
Image Credit: Image courtesy of Apple.

Tap the folder label if you want to change it. The onscreen keyboard automatically appears. Type a new name and press the "Done" key. Tap anywhere outside the folder to close it and return to the home screen.

Step 5

Drag additional icons into a folder.
Image Credit: Image courtesy of Apple.

Drag additional icons into the new folder while the home screen is still in editing mode. Press the "Home" button on your iOS device when you are finished to exit editing mode.

Step 6

Tap any icon in a folder to launch its app.
Image Credit: Image courtesy of Apple.

Open a folder at any time by tapping it. Tap an icon inside the folder to launch the app. To remove an icon from a folder, hold it with your finger until it jiggles, then drag it out of the folder area. To delete a folder, drag every icon outside the folder until it's empty.


In iOS 8.1, each folder can only display nine apps at a time. If you have more than nine apps in a folder, just swipe the folder window to the left to see the additional apps.