How to Create PDF With a Transparent Background

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A Portable Document Format (PDF) is a file format that allows you to save a copy of your file in a format that is independent from the software you used to create it. A PDF can be created using various software programs; however, the simplest way to create a PDF with a transparent background is by using Adobe Photoshop. Once you've made the background transparent you can save the file as PDF.


Step 1

Open Photoshop and start with a blank file. Click on the "File" option from the top tool bar menu and then click on the "New" option. A pop-up will then appear.

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Step 2

Click on the "Transparent" option under the "Contents" heading. Click on the "OK" button.


Step 3

Click on the "File" option from the top tool bar and then click on the "Open" option. Locate your file that you turn into a PDF and then click on the "Open" button.

Step 4

Click on the "File" option and go to the Print Preview section. Make sure your file now has a transparent background.



Step 5

Click on the "File" option again and then click on the "Save As" option. Click on the drop-down menu from the Format field and click on the "Photoshop PDF" option. Make sure the file extension is now ".pdf."

Step 6

Click on the "Save" button. A PDF Options dialog box will then appear. Go through the setting and the click on the "OK" button. You will then have a PDF with a transparent background.

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