How to Create the Little Numbers for Citing Footnotes

By Tom Ryan

Footnotes are a method of citing sources in research-based papers. Unlike the parenthetical citations you may see in Modern Language Association (MLA) style papers, footnotes appear at the bottom of a page. A small number appears next to the information for which you are citing a source, and that same number appears at the bottom of the page alongside the citation for the source. Adding these small numbers and creating footnotes is a simple and streamlined process, allowing you to cite information throughout your paper easily and quickly.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Word processing software

Step 1

Type out your sentence as you normally would, finishing with a period. Unlike parenthetical citations that appear within a sentence, footnotes appear at the end of the sentence.

Step 2

Click on "Insert" at the top toolbar.

Step 3

Click "Footnote." This makes the tiny number appear automatically, as well as the corresponding tiny number at the bottom of the page.