How to Create Word Art in Photoshop

By Foye Robinson

WordArt is an image shape applied to text. You can give your text a three-dimensional or circular shape by using WordArt. When you create text in Adobe Photoshop (a professional image editor), you can spice it up with warped text (WordArt). If the type layer you're warping includes Faux Bold formatting or bitmap fonts, Photoshop will ask to flatten it first. Photoshop will then add the warp style of your choice to the text. The following instructions apply to creating warped text in Adobe Photoshop 7.

Step 1

Open a blank canvas or existing image you want to edit in Photoshop.

Step 2

Insert a new layer in the “Layers” palette by clicking on the “Create a New Layer” button in the bottom of the palette.

Step 3

Place your cursor on the canvas and type in the text you want to warp, then select it.

Step 4

Click on the “Create Warped Text” button in the “Tools” options bar. Click on “OK” if Photoshop asks to remove the attribute for the faux bold style. The “Warp Text” dialog box will open.

Step 5

Click on the drop-down box for “Style” and select a warped text style of your choice--arc, bulge, flag, fish, wave.

Step 6

Select “Horizontal” or “Vertical” from the options below your style. You can add bending (the level of warp you want) and horizontal/vertical distortion to the word. You’ll see your text changing beneath the dialog box as you make the changes.

Step 7

Click on “OK” when you are satisfied with how your artwork looks.

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