How to Crossfade on VLC

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The VLC media player cannot automatically crossfade between audio tracks. The core of the software doesn't support simultaneous playback of two tracks at the same time which precludes any crossfading. Crossfading is when a song is nearly over and the audio fades out while the audio from the next song fades in. You can create a manual crossfade with VLC by running two instances of it on your computer and manually fading out one song while the next song starts.


Step 1

Click "Start" and type "VLC." Press "Enter" to launch the VLC media player. Repeat this process to open a second instance of the media player.

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Step 2

Click and drag the title bar of the VLC windows to arrange them so you can see both players.


Step 3

Click "Media" on the VLC player you want to play the first song. Click "Open File" and browse to the location of the song you want to play. Double-click the song to open it. Click "Pause" or press the space bar to stop the song from playing. Repeat on the second VLC player for the second song you want to play.


Step 4

Click and drag the volume bar for the second song down to a low level, about 10 to 15 percent. Click on the window for the first song and click "Play." When the song is nearing the end, within the last five to ten seconds, click on the second player and click "Play."


Step 5

Click back to the first player and reduce the volume gradually to zero, over the course of a couple seconds. Click back to the second player and gradually increase the volume to a normal listening level.


Edit several songs together with a sound editing program and create a crossfade effect in the editing program. Then you can play one, long file with VLC and the crossfades will already be in place.

Click and drag the title bar all the way to the left or right side of the screen in Windows 7 to make the window fill that half of the screen.

You can adjust the volume in a selected VLC player with the scroll button on the mouse. Scroll up to increase the volume and down to decrease it. The keyboard shortcut to adjust the volume is "Ctrl" and "Up" to increase and "Ctrl" and "Down" to decrease it.

Quickly switch between open windows by pressing "Alt" and "Tab."

Have the VLC window close when you're done with the song by clicking on "View" and selecting "Quit after Playback."