How to Delete a Computer Password

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Passwords can be deleted from operating systems.

Most computer related passwords can not be deleted, but only changed for security reasons. However, if you have a log-in password for your Windows computer, you can delete the password so that you do not have to log in to the computer. This is probably fine for most people in their home environments, but it is still something that should be carefully considered because any time you remove a password, you are at increased risk, even in your home. This may leave your computer vulnerable to children, strangers and intruders.


Step 1

Log in to your computer using the user name and password you have already set up. You can not delete the password unless you log in to the computer with this account or as an administrator.

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Step 2

Go to the "Control Panel" and click on "User Accounts and Family Safety." Click "User Accounts" and then "Change your password."


Step 3

Enter your old password in the old password field and then leave the new password field blank and hit "Return." This will remove the password and you will no longer need a password to log in. If there are no other accounts, your computer will log in to your account by default after it starts.




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