How to Delete a Facebook Comment

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Praise "Delete." WIthout it, you'd have to live with that angry impulse comment.
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It's hard not to feel slightly let down by humanity when you read some Facebook comments. Your Timeline and posts don't have to contribute to the crisis of poor commenting. You can delete any comment you posted, dating back to your first comment on Facebook. You can even go the extra mile, deleting comments other people made on your posts.


Your Own Comments

Whether you commented on a Timeline post, a picture, a link or some other post, the comments sections look and function the same. Anywhere you post a comment on Facebook, you can delete it using the same method. Delete your comment by clicking the "Edit or Delete" pencil icon near your comment. Click "Delete" and then click "Delete" one more time in the confirmation window to complete the process.


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Other Peoples' Comments

Unlike with your own comments, you can't just go deleting other peoples' comments on things you didn't post or on posts you made to a group or Facebook page. You can only delete other peoples' comments when they're made on your own Timeline's posts, photos and videos. If you're a group or page administrator with adequate privileges, you can delete other peoples' comments on page posts. Delete someone else's comment by hovering your cursor over the comment, clicking the "X" icon and selecting "Delete."


Edit a Comment

Perhaps your comment isn't totally without merit; maybe you could salvage it if you could only fix that glaring typo. It this case, the Edit feature is your new best friend. When you go to delete one of your comments, click the "Edit or Delete" drop-down menu's "Edit" button. Now you can fix your comment without having to delete it. When you are finished, press the "Enter" key to save the changes to the new-and-improved comment.


Find Your Comments

You can't delete what you can't find. Your Activity Log keeps neat records of your Facebook activity, including comments. Click the "View Activity Log" link on your Timeline's cover photo and select "Comments" to view all the comments you've ever made. Use the year and month links to navigate through your commenting history and delete to your heart's content.


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