How to Delete a Saved Username on the AOL Login Screen

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How to Delete a Saved Username on the AOL Login Screen
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When you go to the AOL login screen to check your email or manage your account, saved usernames (and potentially passwords) may pop up. If a friend or family member logged on using your computer and requested that the website remember login details, their credentials pop up every time you go to the login screen. This is annoying, especially if they're unlikely to use your computer again. However, you can do several things to remove the saved AOL login information from your system entirely.


Removing Saved AOL Mail Login

The AOL login you're trying to remove isn't stored on the AOL website, it is either stored by your browser or as a cookie, but in any case, the information you want to remove is on your computer. If the whole login – the username and the password – is stored, it's probably stored in your browser, and you can remove it by going to your browser's relevant settings page.

Removing Logins on Chrome

If you use Chrome, click the three dots in the top right corner of the window and select Settings from the drop-down menu. Depending on your version of Chrome, go to Passwords in the Autofill section or click the drop-down arrow beside Advanced and choose Manage passwords in the Passwords and forms section. This brings up a list of your passwords, from which point you can either use the search field to find AOL or scroll down to find it. Click the three dots beside the one you want to delete and select Remove.


Removing Logins on Firefox

The process on Firefox is similar. Click the three horizontal lines and go to Options and Privacy & Security. Click Saved Logins in the Logins and Passwords group to be presented with a list, which you can search or scroll through to find the password you want to remove. Highlight the one you want to remove and click Remove to delete it. On newer versions of Firefox, you can go straight to the list by choosing Logins and Passwords from the first menu.

Removing Logins on Microsoft Edge

The process for removing an AOL mail login on Microsoft Edge is similar to the other browsers. Click the three dots icon in the top right corner of the window, choose Settings and scroll down to View advanced settings. Scroll down again to Autofill settings and click Manage passwords. Find the login you want to remove and click the x icon beside it to remove the login information.


Deleting Your Cookies

The password data pulled up by AOL can also be stored in cookies, which are small files that websites store on your system. Delete the relevant cookie to remove the login from your computer.

On Chrome, go to Settings and then Advanced. Choose Clear browsing data from the Privacy and Security section. Ensure Cookies and other site data is selected before clicking Clear data, noting that you can choose to retain your history and cached images and files if you like.


On Firefox, click the three horizontal lines > Options > Privacy and Security and then either choose Clear Data from the Cookies and Site Data section to remove all cookies or choose Manage Data and find the AOL cookies in the list to remove them and no others.

On Microsoft Edge, open the menu, choose Settings and then click Choose what to clear from the Clear browsing data section. Ensure Cookies and saved website data box is checked and then click Clear to remove the information.


Clearing Autofill Data

Even if your browser doesn't save the logins and your cookies have been deleted, the unwanted username could still show up as an autofill suggestion when you visit, but this can be removed too.

With Chrome, go to Settings > Advanced > Clear browsing data. Choose Advanced, ensure Autofill form data is selected and then click Clear data.

On Firefox, go to Privacy and Security and click Clear History in the History section. Ensure Form & Search History is checked, set a relevant time range – choose Everything if you want to be sure – and then click Clear Now. As an alternative, you can go to the AOL page, highlight the autofill option using the arrow keys and then press Delete on your keyboard to specifically remove that login.

On Microsoft Edge, go to Settings > Choose what to clear and ensure Form data is selected before you click Clear.