How to Delete All Pictures from Sony Cybershot

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Delete All Pictures from Sony Cybershot

Follow these steps to delete all pictures from the memory card in your Sony Cybershot camera


Step 1

Turn on camera and make sure it is charged.

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Step 2

Press the Playback button (confirm that you want to remove all pictures from the memory card)

Please note - at this point, if you hit the delete button the camera will delete one picture at a time. Before I figured out how to delete all pics this was the point where I got upset, thinking that I had to delete 600 at a time.


Step 3

Using the zoom button, zoom out until you see a grid of pictures on the screen.


Step 4

Press the delete button. This will causes a menu to pop-up.

Step 5

Press the up button to select "delete all".


Step 6

Press the center button to initiate the delete process. (Warning - this will remove all pictures from the memory card. There's no way to undo the deletion.)

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