How to Deselect in Gimp

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The GIMP program includes a variety of tools that help you select portions of a document. When an area is selected, you can edit the area in numerous ways, such as rotating the area or moving the area. After editing the selected area, deselect the area to prevent it from accidentally moving or getting deleted as you work. You can deselect an area by applying the "None" selection command.


Step 1

Open GIMP and create a new document or open the document you want to edit.

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Step 2

Click on one of the Select tools in the Toolbox window and select part of the document. GIMP has various Select tools to help you make different types selections. For example, you can use the Rectangle Select Tool to make rectangular selections or use the Free Select Tool to make hand-drawn selections.



Step 3

Click the Select menu at the top of the GIMP window and select "None" to clear the selected area in the document. If you prefer to use keyboard shortcuts, press "Ctrl," "Shift" and "A" to apply the "None" option.



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