How to Determine an IP Address in a Chat Room

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Whatever the device or application, if it is connected to the Internet, it has an IP (Internet Protocol) address. IP addresses are made up of four numbers referred to as a dotted-quad. An example of a dotted-quad would be Addresses identify the location of a user. A chat room participant, because he communicates via the Internet, also has an IP address. If you need the IP address of someone participating in a chat, you can get it.


Determine IP Address

Step 1

Download free software. CNET (see link under Resources below) provides free downloads that will assist you in locating the chat room IP address. Try downloads at CNET before investing money.


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Step 2

Use MS-DOS command. Use DOS in lieu of software to locate chat room IP address. For this to work, you'll need a direct connection to the other chatter's computer. If the other user will accept a file transfer from you, this will establish contact. To bring up the MS-DOS window in XP, click "Start," "Programs," "Accessories," "Command Prompt" or hit "Start" and "Run" and type "cmd.exe."


Step 3

Type "netstat -a" or "netstat -n" in the DOS window to obtain the address. A list of IP addresses will come up.



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