How to Disable Firefox Ad Blocker

Firefox is a popular browsing alternative to Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Firefox is created and maintained by the Mozilla foundation, which also manages other open source projects such as the Thunderbird email client. Mozilla Firefox is designed to be extensible. Firefox supports different extensions and plug-ins that enhance or otherwise change the functionality of the Web browser. You can disable the the Ad Blocker extension or plug-in in Firefox when ads need to appear on your screen.

Step 1

Open Mozilla Firefox.

Step 2

Click the orange "Firefox" menu in the upper-left corner.

Step 3

Click "Add-ons."

Step 4

Click "Extensions."

Step 5

Click "Ad Blocker," if present. Click "Disable."

Step 6

Click "Plugins."

Step 7

Click "Ad Blocker," if present. Click "Disable."

Step 8

Restart Firefox for the changes to take effect.