How to Disable Incoming Calls on a Cell Phone

By Michael Jones

If you ever get annoyed of being bombarded with a ton of calls at the worst times, you don't have to shut off your phone to ignore them. Every cell phone will allow you to disable incoming calls. Some phones can even disable specific calls, numbers or names. This feature is convenient because it allows you to keep your phone, texts and voicemail under your control.

Step 1

Open your phone's menu.

Step 2

Go to "Settings."

Step 3

Go to "Security."

Step 4

Click on "Call Restrictions." This may also be called "Call Barring" or another term that your cell phone uses.

Step 5

Scroll down and choose "Incoming Calls." All incoming calls will now be restricted. You should also have the option to disable other types of calls.

Tips & Warnings

  • Your phone may also allow you to disable "International" calls and "Incoming-when-roaming" calls.
  • You can navigate back to the same security screen and choose to cancel your restriction whenever you want.
  • Some cell phones will have you go to "Call Settings" instead of the security menu. Here you will be able to click on "Accept Calls" and choose the calls you want to accept.
  • If your phone has call forwarding, you can forward incoming calls to a different number instead of disabling them.
  • If your phone doesn't allow you to block incoming calls in this fashion, it is best you contact your wireless provider and ask them to do so. They will typically do this free-of-charge or charge a nominal fee.

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