How to Disable LED Indicators on a Laptop HP

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The LED indicators on your HP brand laptop computer are a series of three lights on the front of the computer's case. These lights blink during different periods of activity on your machine, like when your computer hibernates or enters sleep mode. You can disable the LED indicators on your HP laptop by adjusting the settings relating to these lights using the Windows Control Panel.


Step 1

Open the Microsoft Windows Control Panel on your HP laptop computer. The Control Panel button is accessible by clicking once on the "Windows Logo" button on your HP laptop computer desktop.

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Step 2

Click "Power Options."


Step 3

Click "Change Plan Settings." You will see six drop down menus on screen—three beneath the term "On Battery" and three beneath the term "Plugged In." Click each of the drop-down menus and select the "Never" option.


Step 4

Click "Apply" to disable the LED indicators on your HP laptop computer.



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