How to Disable Mobile Phone Jammer Points

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A mobile phone jammer prevents you from talking in public.

A cell phone jammer is an electronic device that blocks your phone's Bluetooth or wireless signals. The original use for jammers was to prevent unwanted calls from telemarketers and prevent people from talking on their cell phones in public. But due to misuse, jamming was banned in the United States and several other countries. However, if you are still in an area where jamming takes place, you can find ways to disable these interruptions.


Step 1

Walk away from the jammer point as far as possible. Most jammer systems can reach cell phones up to 30 feet. Drive or walk away from the point to receive and make phone calls.

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Step 2

Purchase a quad band cell phone. These types of phones have multiple frequencies, which give you a better reception. Since most jammers use one frequency, you can use the other frequencies on your phone.


Step 3

Use a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service that bypasses radio frequencies. One example is Skype, which is compatible with many cell phones.


Step 4

Purchase a data plan from your wireless company. Consider the different types such as 3G, 4G or EVDO, which use different frequencies.




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