How to Display Text with a BAT File

A batch file is a text file that includes the lines of Microsoft DOS commands. DOS batch files have the .bat file name extension. Batch files are useful to automatically execute programs in a sequence and to automate the computer tasks that require multiple or repetitive steps. You can use the ECHO command in a batch file to see text messages on the computer screen. By displaying text messages included with the .bat file, you can monitor its execution.

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Click "Start" in Windows, and then click "Run." Type in "cmd" and then click "OK" to open a command line window.


Type in "edit" and press "Enter."


Enter the following commands in the open window:

echo off

echo %date%, %time% >> log.txt

echo Current date/time is %date%, %time%.




Click "File" and then "Save." Enter "my_batch.bat" and click "OK." Click "File" and then "Exit."


Type in "my_batch.bat" and press "Enter" to display the current date and time on the computer screen.

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