How to Dispose of Battery Backup Units

Similar to automotive batteries, battery backup units contain acid and components that are corrosive and harmful to the environment if not dispose of properly. When the units are old or no longer working, you can't just drop the batteries in your home or business's trash receptacle where the unit will end up in a landfill. Battery backup units must be disposed of using a service that will properly recycle the components inside of the units.

Do not throw away battery backup units in a field or in the trash--the units are harmful to the environment.

Staples EcoEasy

Step 1

Place the old or non-working battery backup units in boxes to keep the acid inside of the units from leaking inside of your automobile.

Step 2

Open your Internet browser. Click on the "Staples - Find A Store Near You" link to locate a Staples store in your area to take your unwanted battery units.

Step 3

Enter your zip code in the box under "Zip Code." Click on the down arrow under "Distance" to select how many miles for the store locator to search.

Step 4

Click on the "Driving Directions" link next to a store in your area to obtain specific driving directions from your home or business.

Area Hazardous Waste Agency

Step 1

Place the old or non-working battery backup units in boxes.

Step 2

Call your area's hazardous waste agency and speak with a representative about the agency's business hours and about bringing the battery backup units in for disposal.

If the agency offers a pick-up service, make an appointment for a representative to come out and pick up the units.

Step 3

Take the battery backup units to the hazardous waste agency or place the units in an area outside of your home or business on the scheduled day the agency is suppose to be out to pick up the units.


Battery Solutions also offers battery backup unit disposal services. The service uses an “iRecycle Kit” and battery units are sent via the US Mail to the organization's processing center.

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