How to Do a Smiley-Face Hug on Facebook

If you are in the habit of hugging your friends and family, you might also want to try hugging them online by sending a text-based hug on Facebook. A hug is an ideal way to express love and affection or offer encouragement and support to someone whether in person or over the Internet. When someone posts a message on Facebook indicating that she is deserving of congratulations or could use some sympathy, you can respond by typing characters that represent a hug with your computer's keyboard. These characters are called emoticons or smiley faces in reference to the basic emoticon of a sideways smiley face represented by a colon followed by a close parenthesis.

Step 1

Launch your Web browser, go to the Facebook website, log in to your account and begin typing a message to your friend.

Step 2

Type the characters ":D<" to depict the act of giving your friend a hug.

Step 3

Type a series of open and close parentheses to send multiple hugs to someone on Facebook: "((()))."

Step 4

Type a combination of the "Greater Than" and "Less Than" symbols with carets, underscores and dashes to represent you stretching your arms out widely to hug your friend: ">----(^_^)----<."

Step 5

Type the word "hug" inside two sets of parentheses to send your friend a literal hug: "((hug))."