How to Do a Website Review

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Website review

Reviewing websites is simple enough. Just go to a website, browse through the pages and form an opinion about what the website offers. Good or bad, the review should focus on what is important to the audience. The audience is made up of potential users of the website. Let people know why the website is worth visiting, or why it's not.


Visit the Website You're Reviewing

Step 1

Look at a good number of the pages of the website that your reviewing, or, if possible, sign up for a free membership or trial demonstration to understand the functionality of the site. Does the site live up to what the designer says the website can do? Try to learn about the purpose of the site and if those functions can be completed with the current design of the site. This will allow you to make a fair review.


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Step 2

Think of ways to make the site better. If you can't think of anything, then maybe the site has reached its full potential. Determine if the site is user-friendly or requires technical knowledge in order to use the site. In your review, you might include your suggestions. But it is important to focus on what the site does and how easy or hard it is on the user.


Step 3

Find potential problems with the site, if any. When reviewing the site, try to remain unbiased. If you only write reviews about sites that you like, your audience will not appreciate that you only talk about the positive aspects.

Step 4

Don't always be over-critical, but challenge the usability and functionality of the site. These criticisms are what make web designers better and allow websites to solve issues that arise in early start-up.



Step 5

Inform your audience of the main functions of the website, giving readers a brief overview of what the website can do without too much technical data. If problems come up when your testing the site, then address them in your review. But never assume that because you had an issue with something then everyone will. Lastly, if you've been to similar websites, then state the similarities and express how you think the two websites compare to each other. Again, including a comparison will often make or break if someone is going to visit the website at all, so don't talk about how superior another website is if your trying to encourage people to visit the website that is being reviewed. If you are looking for a great website that offers new reviews daily, check out ""




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