How to Do an Image Dump on 4Chan

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The "Guy Fawkes" mask has become synonymous with the 4chan "Anonymous" community.
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4chan is an image board community site where users can share pictures and hold discussions about a variety of topics. The site is divided into a variety of boards covering interests ranging from cars, to video games, to literature. Many users use 4chan as an "image dump" site, where they can post and share a series of images related to one another through theme or content. Performing an image dump is the process of sharing a large number of images from your own collection, to contribute to the community's collection of images.


Step 1

Create a list of images you wish to dump. Store them in their own folder, if they aren't already organized according to theme, for ease of browsing.

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Step 2

Go to the section of 4chan related to the images you wish to upload. For example, if you want to share a collection of pictures of classic cars, visit the "Auto" board, listed under "Interests."


Step 3

At the top of the board is the input menu for creating a new thread (topic) in the current board (section).

Step 4

Leave the "Name" entry field blank, to post anonymously.

Step 5

Leave the "E-mail" field blank.


Step 6

Write a description of your thread, such as "My Dream Car Collection" in the "Subject" field, similarly to the Subject line in an e-mail. This is displayed at the top of the thread in blue lettering. Adding a subject line is optional.

Step 7

In "Comment" you can write a comment, or leave it blank to simply post the image.


Step 8

The "Verification" field requires you to enter a Captcha code. Captcha codes are images with random characters that are distorted in a variety of ways in an attempt to filter out "spambots" (programs that automatically post to a board with malicious links or posts). Type the two-word phrase displayed in the image, in the entry field, to prove you are aren't a spambot. Press the "refresh" button on the right of the image to receive a new one, if you have trouble reading the one displayed.



Step 9

Click the "Browse" icon in the "File" field to search through your computer's files for images to post. Once you find one, the filepath is automatically filled in for you.

Step 10

A password to delete a post or thread made by you is automatically generated and saved by your computer, but you can type a custom one in the "Password" field.


Step 11

Click the "Submit" button next to the "Subject" line to make your post. A page opens, confirming your post has been made, and you are automatically directed to the thread.

Step 12

While in your thread, scroll to the top and repeat Steps 1 through 11 for every image.

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