How to Do Fractions in Microsoft Word

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One-fourth is one of the pre-formatted fractions that auto-correct fixes in Microsoft Word.
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Sometimes you want to write a fraction in Microsoft Word other than the standard one-half, one-fourth or three-fourths, that automatically formats itself into a neatly pre-formatted version of the equation. Whether you're doing complex configurations using fractions, or simply trying to express the fractional value in a recipe or business report, you will need to insert special characters for the result to be correctly formatted.


Inserting a Fraction From Symbols

To insert a fraction character, Click "Insert" from the ribbon, then select "Symbol" and "More Symbols." Select the Subset box and click "Number Forms," then select the fraction that you want and click "Insert."


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Making Fractions With AutoFormat

If you want to create a fraction that is not listed under More Symbols, use Word's AutoFormat feature. Place your cursor where you want the fraction and press "Control-F9" simultaneously to insert field braces. Between the field braces type "EQ \F(a,b)" and replace "a" and "b" with the numerator and denominator of your fraction. Then, with the cursor anywhere within the brackets, click "Shift-F9." Your equation will be written as a fraction with a line between the numerator and the denominator.