How to Download a Picture From the Internet

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How to Download a Picture From the Internet. If you've ever gone to a Web site and found a picture you would love to have for a graphic, there's a way to grab it. You can save it and put it in your own files or Web pages.


Step 1

Go to a Web site.

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Step 2

Let the whole page load.

Step 3

Scroll to the picture you want.


Step 4

Point the mouse arrow on the picture.

Step 5

For PC users, right-click on the picture so that a menu appears. For Mac users, press and hold down the mouse button to see the menu.

Step 6

Choose "Save picture as" if you're using Internet Explorer, or choose "Save image as" if you're using Netscape Navigator.


Step 7

Select the name that's in the "File name" box, and type in the name you would like to give the picture.


Step 8

Click the down arrow to the right of the "Save as type" box.


Step 9

Pick a format to save the picture as.

Step 10

Click once on the folder you want to save it in.

Step 11

Click the button to the right of the "File name" box. Depending on your browser, it's either called Save or Open.

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