How to Download Fonts Into Microsoft Word or Other Programs

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Word 2013 and other programs on your Windows 8.1 computer get their fonts from a central directory. Adding new fonts to this directory is a two-stage process: first you locate and download the fonts on the Web, and then you install them. In order to install new fonts on your Windows 8.1 computer, you need to be logged in to a user account with administrative privileges.


Understanding Preinstalled Fonts

When you install Microsoft Office 2013, a selection of fonts are installed on your computer as well. Before you download and install new fonts, take a moment to examine this list of preinstalled of fonts to ensure you don't download a font you already have.


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Finding and Downloading Fonts

Dozens of websites offer free downloads of fonts that are compatible with Microsoft Office programs, including Word. Some sites separate fonts into those designed for Macs and those designed for Windows, so make sure you select a Windows-compatible font. TTF fonts are used most commonly on Windows computers. Word also supports OpenType fonts. Not all fonts are free. Some have licenses that restrict their usage. When you find a font you like, download it to your computer.


Installing Fonts

Once you've obtained the font, double-click the downloaded file to extract it, if necessary. Most fonts are in the ZIP format when you download them. Double-click the extracted font file to preview it and then click the "Install" button at the top of the preview window to install the font. You can also install a font by right-clicking the font file and selecting "Install." A third method involves the use of the Fonts Control Panel. In Windows 8.1, Swipe your mouse to the top-right corner of your screen, enter "Fonts" in the Search charm and then click "Fonts Control Panel" on the search results. Drag and drop the downloaded font file into the Fonts Control Panel to install it.


Using New Fonts in Word and Other Programs

After you install your new fonts, make sure Microsoft Word and any other program in which you want to use the new font are closed. When you reopen each program, it automatically scans for new fonts and add them to their respective fonts menus.



Before you download a font, always research the website you're using. Some popular and reputable font websites include 1001 Free Fonts, Da Font and Font Palace. If possible, scan your downloaded font files for viruses before opening them.