How to Download Music Onto a Computer

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Listening to music on a computer can be a great way to have full control over which music you listen to and at what volume. The first step in playing music on your computer is downloading the music onto your computer desktop. You can then click on the music you want to hear, adjust your speakers to the perfect volume and enjoy your favorite sounds. There are several ways you can download music onto your computer.


Step 1

Place the CD into your computer's CD ROM drive. A window pops up on your computer screen asking you if you want to play the CD or open the CD file. Click on "Open File." Highlight the songs to download with your mouse and drag them onto your desktop. You have now downloaded this music onto your computer.


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Step 2

Open software like Limewire or Napster on your computer (see Resources below). Under the "Download Music" section of your software, type in the song title or artist to download onto your computer. A list of other Internet users who are sharing the songs you want to download appears. Double-click on the song to download to your computer automatically.


Step 3

Connect your iPod to your computer through your USB port. Using iTunes, establish a connection between your iPod and your computer. A list of song titles that are on your iPod appears on your computer screen. Click on the song title to download to your computer and drag it to your computer file on the software. Click the "Transfer" button, and you are downloading the song to your computer from your iPod.



Step 4

Find a website from which you would like to download music. Many music production companies sell downloadable music directly from their websites. Once you have paid for the music, click the "Download" button. The music will download directly onto your computer.

Step 5

Organize your music on your computer once you have downloaded all the music you want. Keeping your music in the same file on your desktop is a great way to locate all your downloaded music when you're ready to listen to it.




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