How to Download Pictures From Digital Camera to PC

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How to Download Pictures From Digital Camera to PC. Digital cameras are becoming very popular. Downloading them to your PC is easy so that you can print your pictures at home. By following a few simple instructions, your at home prints will rival those from the photographer's studio.

Step 1

Install on your computer the software that came with your digital camera.


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Step 2

Connect your camera to your computer using the USB cable that came with your camera. You must have a USB port to download pictures to your computer.

Step 3

Choose the folder where you want your pictures downloaded. The computer will choose the "My Pictures" folder by default unless you want them in a different folder.



Step 4

Preview the pictures. You can delete any you don't like or want. Make sure to delete them off your camera as well or the next time you download that picture will downloaded again.

Step 5

Select a picture and print. Some software will let you put borders and cute sayings on your pictures. Have fun with it.



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