How to Download Songs to an Ematic MP3 Player

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Ematic MP3 players come in many compact shapes, sizes and different memory sizes. These MP3 players come in an array of colors and are a compliment to the portable audio and video fanatics. They are easy to use MP3 players because they support few buttons over a simple layout. Downloading music to your player is so simple anyone can do it. Upload your latest pop, hip-hop or classic music quickly and begin jamming wherever you go.


Step 1

Plug one end of the USB cable to your MP3 player, then plug the other end to an open USB port on your computer.

Step 2

Double-click "MY Computer." You should see your MP3 player listed as a portable hard drive.

Step 3

Double- click your MP3 player to open it. Drag MP3 music files into your MP3 Player. If your MP3 player has an inbuilt camera, drag your music files to the "AUDIO" folder on your MP3 player.


Step 4

Click the green "Safely Remove Hardware" button on the lower right of your screen. Locate your MP3 which should be listed as a hard drive.

Step 5

Click "Stop" and wait for the prompt to safely unplug your Ematic MP3 player. This action prevents the possible loss of music on your MP3 player.

Things You'll Need

  • Ematic MP3 Player

  • PC