How to Drop a Pin in Google Maps

By Steve Gregory

You need a Google Account to sign in to **Google My Maps**, which is the Google Maps feature that has the options to save your locations of interest to a custom map. Any address you want to save for future reference is represented by a pin that you can add directly to your map. My Maps supports the addition of one pin or multiple pins on a single map.

Step 1

Go to the [Google Maps website](,-95.665,5z) and sign in to your Google account. Click inside the Search field to reveal a drop-down box. If applicable, clear the Search field before you click inside it. Select **My Maps** from the drop-down box.

Step 2

Select the **Create** button on the Make a Map box to open the Google My Maps page.

Step 3

Enter the address of the location you want to pin in the Search field and click the **Search** icon. A green pin appears at the address of the location on the map.

Step 4

Click the green pin to open a pop-up box that displays information about the location. For example, if the location is the Empire State Building, the pop-up box displays the building's full address, website and contact number. The amount of information displayed depends on the location. For example, a location in a sparsely populated rural area may have has less information than one in a city. Click **Add to Map** to pin the location to the map. The pin's color changes from green to red after the location is added to the map.

Step 5

Click **Untitled Map** on the panel at the upper left corner of the page to open the Edit Map Title and Description dialog box.

Step 6

Enter a title and description for the map. These are displayed when it is opened or shared. Click the **Save** button to save your new map.

Step 7

Select the **Pin** icon under the Search field to add another pin to the map. Click the location on the map where you want to add the pin to open the location's pop-up box. Enter the name and description and then click the **Save** button to add the location to the map. All pinned locations appear on the panel at the upper left side of the page.

Tips & Warnings

  • To delete a pin, click the pin and then the Delete Feature icon, resembling a trash can, on the pop-up dialog box.
  • By default, only the creator of a map can access it or make changes. To allow other people access to your map, click Share on the panel located at the upper left corner of the My Maps page. Click the Save button on the pop-up dialog box to open the Sharing Settings dialog window. Click the Change text link next to Private in the Who Has Access section to select the people who can access your map. Click Change at the bottom of the window to choose who can change permissions, and then click Done.
  • To share a map, open the map on the My Maps page and then click Share on the panel at the upper left corner of the page. Click Save on the pop-up dialog box to open the Sharing Settings window. Enter the email address of the person with whom you want to share the map in the Invite People field. You can also share a link to your map via the window’s social media icons, such as Twitter and Facebook, or use the map’s Web address in the Link to Share field. Click the Done button after selecting your sharing options.
  • You can also access Google My Maps without first going through Google Maps by browsing to the Google My Maps page (see Resources).