How to Edit an Adobe PDF Document for Free

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Adobe created the Portable Document Format (PDF) so that computers could view a document, no matter which operating system or program it was created in. Viewing a PDF file requires a PDF reader, such as the free Adobe Reader application. To edit a PDF document, you generally need Adobe Acrobat, a commercial program. Alternatively, you can edit Adobe PDF Documents and not have to pay anything by using free software.


Step 1

Download and install the latest version of Adobe Reader ( It's free and doesn't require much time to download on most high-speed Internet connections.

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Step 2

Download a PDF document, if you haven't downloaded any at this point.


Step 3

Navigate to the VeryPDF2Word Conversion website ( You can download a trial version that will enable you to convert up to 100 pages of documents from the PDF format. After downloading the application, an icon that resembles four boxes stacked together appears on your desktop. Click on that icon and a window pops up offering you to "Buy" or "Try." Click on "Try."


Step 4

Select "Open" from the "File" menu. Select the desired PDF file to open.

Step 5

Select either the "Text box" or "Images" radio button in the Preferences dialog. Only one selection can be made here. You might have to experiment with certain selections to find what works for you. After making your choice, select "OK" and the conversion will begin. A window indicates that the conversion is taking place. A little red horse is seen galloping. The conversion is fairly quick. When it is completed, a file will appear for you to save your newly converted pdf file as a Word document. Before saving the file, another window pops up letting you know that the conversion is complete but limited to only five pages. It puts a little plug in for purchasing the software to avoid limitations in future conversions.


Step 6

As you save your newly converted Word document, it automatically accesses the Word document and you see it appear before you. The document opens up in a "Field" format, which means that a rectangular box appears when you click within a paragraph field. The cursor goes to wherever you place it and you can make the necessary editing you desire. When you are done, simply save your newly edited document which you converted for free.


Follow the directions in the "Preferences" menu and select a different tab to select a different range of pages to convert.


Avoid some online conversion software that takes a lot of time to upload and convert.


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