How to Edit Music in iMovie

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You can edit music in iMovie.

Most movies or title sequences are underscored with music. Music can add emotion, feeling and mood where there was none before. Think of the movie "Jaws." What would that movie be like without its classic string accompaniment? Adding music to your clips in iMovie is relatively easy. It takes a bit of patience and trial and error, but the end result is well worth the work.


Step 1

Open iMovie. Click on "File," then "Open Project" and select the project to which you wish to add music.

Step 2

Click on the audio tab. This is the tab with the icon that looks like a speaker. The audio interface will pop up. This will automatically trigger iMovie to sync up with iTunes.

Step 3

Browse through your music collection and select the music you wish to incorporate into your movie.


Step 4

Drag the selected audio file into an empty spot in the timeline viewer.

Step 5

Click on "View-Show Audio Waveforms." This will enable you to see the audio file in its wave format. This makes it easier to find specific sections of music without having to listen to the file.

Step 6

Find the area where you want to cut the audio and place the playhead there.

Step 7

Click "Edit - Split Selected Audio Clip at Playhead." This will automatically split the audio clip into two separate clips. Continue to do this until you create a segment that you wish to use.


Step 8

Delete the extraneous segments by clicking on them and pressing delete.

Step 9

Move the audio clip to the proper position with respect to the rest of the movie.


To create fade-ins and fade-outs, click "View - Show Clip Volume Levels." This will allow you to use your mouse to raise or diminish the volume in a certain segment of a clip.