How to Eliminate Noise with magicJack Calls

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MagicJack is a popular Internet phone device that plugs into a computer USB port, but calls are often noisy and garbled. A clear connection 24 hours a day can be made with proper equipment setup.

Step 1

Obtain a laptop computer. This may be an inexpensive new laptop, an unused obsolete laptop you already own, or a used laptop purchased on the Internet.


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The laptop will be used only for making magicJack calls, and will provide a 24 hour a day connection.

Step 2

Wireless router with a four-port switch.

Purchase a router if you don't already have one. The router is necessary to connect more than one computer to the Internet.The dedicated laptop may be connected to the router by wireless or it may be connected to the router by Ethernet cable. Most routers have a four-port Ethernet switch included on the back of the router for directly wiring computers to the Internet.


The router shall be connected to the modem with an Ethernet cable.

Step 3

Purchase a powered USB hub. Some laptops can supply the current required by the magicJack, but many cannot.


Step 4

USB ports on a laptop computer.

Delete all software from the laptop except the operating system.


Turn off automatic updates to the operating system. Any time there is an automatic update of any sort, the magicJack will begin introducing static noise on the phone. Because the laptop is dedicated to the magicJack, and no other programs are running, virus protection should not be needed.


Step 5

Plug the powered USB hub into the USB port on the laptop. Plug the magicJack into the powered USB hub. Plug a phone or a cordless phone into the magicJack.

If a phone number has not yet been assigned to a new magicJack, then follow the installation procedure displayed on the screen. After you select your area code, magicJack will assign a phone number. If your area code is not available, any area code in the US or Canada will work.


Step 6

Test the phone for clarity. If there is a problem, unplug the magicJack and reboot the laptop. After the laptop reboots, plug the magicJack back into the powered USB hub. The call quality should now be good.




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