How to Email a Screen Shot

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A screenshot shows someone what was on your screen when you took it.

Sometimes you want to show a friend, coworker, or technology assistant what you're seeing on your computer screen. If they're not in the same room, a great way to do this is to email them a screenshot. Creating a snapshot of your computer screen is a fairly simple process once you know what buttons to press and you can email it just like a normal picture once it has been created. This screenshot can show someone exactly what you were seeing at the moment you created it.


Step 1

Check to make sure that your screen is displaying an image that you want to show another person. It's important to make sure that there is no highly personal information on your screen before you create a screenshot that could be forwarded to others.

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Step 2

Click the "PrtSc" button to take a snapshot of your screen. There will not be any acknowledgment of this action. Once you've done that, open your Paint program from the Start Menu. When it has loaded, click "Edit" and "Paste." Your screenshot should appear on your paint window. Save the file as a JPEG and give it a name that you'll remember.


Step 3

Sign in to your email and open a new message. Put the recipient's email address in the "To" box and give it an appropriate subject. If you have a question or comment about your screenshot, type it in the body of the email.


Step 4

Select "Attachments" to add your picture to your email. It should open a new dialog box that will allow you to search through your entire computer for the file you created and saved in Step 2. Select the file, choose "Okay" or "Upload" and then wait until the file has loaded onto the email.

Step 5

Choose "Send" to email your screenshot to the recipient.