How to Enable the Ringer on an Avaya Phone

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An Avaya telephone has a display you interact with by using soft keys and programmable buttons. You can answer calls and transfer them to an extension or to voicemail, place calls on hold, and set up conference calls. There is a call log and a contacts directory that you add numbers to and make calls from. You can make calls using the handset, speakerphone or a headset. An Avaya phone will not ring when the "Disable Ringer" setting is on. If you want to hear the phone ring, you need to turn off the "Disable Ringer" option.


Step 1

Press the "A" button to bring up the phone's settings menu.

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Step 2

Press the "Features" soft key.

Step 3

Press the "Up/Down" keys to scroll the display, Highlight "Call Settings."


Step 4

Press the "Select" soft key.

Step 5

Press the "Up/Down" keys to scroll the menu to highlight "Disable Ringer."


Step 6

Press the "Change" soft key to switch the setting to "Off." You have now stopped the phone from disabling the ringer. To disable the ringer, select the "On" soft key.

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