How to Enlarge a PDF to Print

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Images and small brochures may be supplied in a compact page size that is difficult to read. Users can scan or convert these documents to a PDF file so that the pages can be enlarged on the screen for easier reading. When printing the PDF, users can take advantage of printing options to digitally enlarge a compact page to fit a letter-sized page (or larger). Printer menus on PCs and Macs include options for "Properties" and "Page Setup," respectively, so users can control their printouts.


Step 1

Open the PDF file in a PDF reader or application such as Adobe Acrobat Reader (Windows) or Preview (Mac).

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Step 2

Select "Print" under "File" in the top menu bar.

Step 3

Select the target printer from the list (usually a drop-down menu or directory).

Step 4

Click the "Properties" button (Windows) or "Page Setup" (Mac) button. Note: some programs such as Preview on the Mac display Properties on the main Print menu.


Step 5

Select the desired page scaling, as a percentage, or click the option "Fit to Printer" or "Fit to Page" (depending on the application and printer driver). If the "Center and Scale to Fit Media" option is available (such as on Acrobat Standard), select this option for automatic sizing.

Step 6

Review the thumbnail image in the Preview window to see the PDF page enlarged to fit the page.

Step 7

Click the "Print" button.


Consider changing the orientation of the page from Portrait to Landscape (in the Page Setup or Properties setting) to better fit the enlargement.


The original program that created the PDF may embed a specific resolution, so the image may appear fuzzy when enlarged. Scanned pages saved in PDF format will usually produce a printout with a lower resolution (like a photocopy machine) because the original document was a small size.