How to Erase Conversations on Skype

By Nick Peers

You can't delete individual conversations in Skype 7 for Windows without editing the SQL database file using a third-party tool. You can, however, delete individual messages after you send them; **you have 60 minutes to delete sent messages**. To delete conversations in Skype for Windows, you must delete the entire conversation history and remove all conversations. You can also **prevent Skype from saving conversations** or select when the program should erase them automatically.

Step 1

Launch Skype, log in to your Skype account, click **Tools** and select **Options** from the menu to display the Skype Options window.

Step 2

Select the **Privacy** tab and then the **Privacy Settings** sub-tab to view all settings related to your privacy. Click the **Clear History** button in the Keep History For section to display the Delete History dialog.

Step 3

Click the **Delete** button to delete the entire conversation history. **All data -- including instant messages, SMS messages, calls and voice messages -- is erased immediately**.

Step 4

Optionally, prevent Skype from saving your conversations by selecting **No History** from the drop-down box in the Keep History For section. You can configure Skype to automatically delete conversations after some time by selecting a different option from the box.

Step 5

Click **Save** to save and apply the new settings.If you wish to reset all Skype settings to their default values, you can do so by clicking the **Reset to Defaults** button.

Tips & Warnings

  • You can delete individual conversations by using a database browser such as DB Browser for SQLite. The conversations are stored in the "main.db" file. To find the file, press "Windows-R", type "%appdata%", press "Enter" and then open the "Skype" folder. Open your Skype username folder and locate the main.db file.
  • Open the "main.db" file in a database browser and select the "Conversations" table. Each conversation is displayed on a separate line; delete database records from the Conversations table to delete specific conversations.
  • To delete a message after you send it, right-click it and select "Remove Message" from the context menu. You can edit the message by selecting "Edit Message" from the menu.
  • Caution: Recovering deleted conversations is impossible in most cases.