How to Erase Songs From a Burned CD

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Use CD-RW discs to build a customizable music library.
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Songs that you burn to a CD-RW disc don't have to remain there forever. Unlike regular CDs, CD-RWs allow you to erase one file or more files on the disc if you format the disc using the Live File System. Deleting songs and replacing them with new ones is an excellent way to keep your CD playlist fresh and engaging. You can even erase all the songs on a CD-RW and use it as a storage medium for other types of files.


Step 1

Insert the CD-RW that contains songs into your computer's CD or DVD drive.

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Step 2

Press "Windows-E" to open File Explorer if it does not open automatically.

Step 3

Click "This PC" and then click the icon that represents your CD. Double-click that icon to view the songs it contains.


Step 4

Hold down the "CTRL" key and click the songs you want to delete. Click every song if you want to remove them all.


Step 5

Click the "Home" tab and then click "Delete" to delete the songs you selected.

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