How to Exclude Dates With No Data From Charts in Excel

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When you create an Excel chart that has your data organized by date, any gaps in the data will make your chart look incomplete or incorrect. When Excel creates a chart with dates in the data set, it automatically fills in any gaps in the dates and includes them in the X-axis. If you want to remove these extra dates, you just need to change the axis options.


Step 1

Open the Excel file that holds the chart from which you want to exclude dates.

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Step 2

Click the X-axis, located underneath the chart, so that it becomes surrounded by a small box. Right-click inside the box and choose "Format Axis" from the popup menu.


Step 3

Click "Axis Options" on the left side of the "Format Axis" window. Locate the three "Axis Type" options in the middle of the screen on the right side of the window. Click the radio button next to "Text axis."


Step 4

Click "Close" to close the "Format Axis" window. The chart will update and remove the extra dates that hold no data.




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