How to Exit Full Screen Mode in VNC

Client-side VNC viewing utilities communicate with VNC server software so you can view and control remote computers. This handy feature lets you administer, for example, a Web server or computer network that is located anywhere in the world. Using full screen mode displays more of the remote computer on your screen, but it can sometimes cause conflicts in your desktop's display settings. In such cases, returning to normal, windowed mode will improve your experience.

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Exiting Full Screen

Some VNC viewing clients, such as RealVNC's VNC Viewer and TightVNC's VNCViewer, provide a pop-up menu that includes a full screen option. If the menu is concealed, pressing "F8" will make it appear; selecting "Full Screen" while in full screen mode exits to windowed mode. Other software clients, such as UltraVNC's VNCViewer, provide a toggle button on the top menu bar. Pressing this button exits full screen mode.

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