How to Export and Save Your Bookmarks From Firefox

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You can both back up and restore your bookmarks from the same menu.

Backing up your bookmarks is a smart move -- in the event that you need to reinstall Firefox or switch to another browser, this process ensures that you won't lose the links to your favorite websites. Firefox makes it easy to export your bookmarks in several formats that are compatible with other popular browsers.


Step 1

The Bookmarks icon is just to the left of the Bookmark icon, which is labeled with a star.

Click the bookmarks icon and select "Show All Bookmarks" to open the Bookmarks Library window.


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Step 2

"Backup" is the first option listed under "Import and Backup."

Click "Import and Backup."


Step 3

Folders appear on the left column of the window.

Select "Backup..." to export your bookmarks as a JSON file, or "Export Bookmarks to HTML" to save them as an HTML file. Select the folder to which you want to export your bookmarks and click "Save."


When you use the backup option to export your bookmarks, they're automatically saved as a JSON file, which may not work in other browsers. For maximum compatibility, you may wish to save bookmarks as an HTML file. Exporting your bookmarks as an HTML file produces a neatly organized, easily browsed list of your favorite websites, and the file can be imported into nearly any other browser.

Bookmarks can be imported into Firefox from the same menu that you used for exporting. Select "Restore" to import bookmarks saved as a JSON file, or "Import Bookmarks from HTML" to import an HTML file.


Information in this article applies to Firefox version 30. Procedures may vary slightly or significantly with other versions.