How to Find a Changed Phone Number

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People may want to find a changed cell phone number to locate an old friend or co-worker. However, various network providers do not share the data of their customers because of safety and privacy issues. This is why you need to resort to the Internet to find the digits you need. If you know how to locate this data online, you can find a changed phone number with ease.


Step 1

Check your call records. If you believe your friend has called you with her new number, look on your phone for a record of calls received. If she has not blocked caller ID, this will list the new number. If your phone's data has been erased since the call, check your phone bill for a list of phone numbers that have called you.


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Step 2

Ask someone whom you both know for the changed number. Phone people that both you and the party you desire to reach know on a mutual basis. If he does not want to give you the number, ask the friend to call the person on his own and then have her call you if that makes him feel more comfortable.


Step 3

Check social-networking sites. If she has a Facebook or MySpace page, she may have listed contact phone numbers. She also may link to the website for her work office, which would include a number to call to contact her at work. If nothing else, you can leave her a private message to call you. Make sure she has your phone number.


Step 4

Utilize a service that comes with a fee, such as Intelius, Reverse Cell Phones or Reverse Mobile (see Resources). Paid services range in cost from about $2 to $40.