How to Find a Person Living in Germany

Need to contact someone in Germany but don't know how to locate her? There are plenty of online resources you can turn to to find friends, family or business contacts that you've lost touch with. One of the most thorough resources on the web is Telephonbuch 11880. Follow the steps below on how to conduct your search at this site.

How to Find a Person Living in Germany
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Step 1

Try the High Speed Search first. Under "Whom/Which do you search," enter a name, company or telephone number. You can also enter keywords or industry. Under "Where do you search," you can enter a postal code or place. The more info you can provide, the better your search results will be.

Click Search. This will open a new page with your results. Results should include name, address and phone number, though this data is limited to public information.

Step 2

Try a Detailed Search if the High Speed search didn't return the results you were looking for. Enter as much information you can into the detailed search page. The info itself is much like the info on the High Speed Search, but searches each piece of data separately. This includes First Name, Surname, Company Name, Keyword and Industry, and Address, Postal Code and Region.

Click search. This will again open a new page with your results including name address and phone number.

Step 3

Try the Branch Search if you still haven't found the info on your party. The Branch search is more like a Yellow pages. It offers search fields for name, company and location. Enter this info and click search for a new set of results.

This section also a directory of companies organized by industry. You can browse the company directories for more information.

Step 4

Use the Periphery Search if you still need more information connected to a particular business. This allows you to enter a keyword or industry and location info, and also to set a search within a periphery of 5-50 kilometers of the location you enter. Click search for another set of results with name, address and phone number.

Step 5

You can use the Rückwärtssuche Search if you have a phone number. This is a reverse phone number lookup. Provide the phone number, and the results page will give you a list of names and locations.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer

  • Internet access

  • Last name of the person you are seeking

  • Whatever other personal info you can gather about the person you want to contact


If you don't speak/read German, you will want to translate the Telephonbuch website into English. Go to Yahoo's Babel Fish site (see additional resources) and enter the URL into the Translate a Web Page field. Choose German to English and click Translate. The Telephonbuch site will appear in a new frame, translated into English.

Note: clicking a link on the translated page will not translate the new page, this includes sections within a single webpage. So if you want to utilize sections such as the Branch Search or the reverse phone lookup, you will need to enter the URL for that particular page into the Babel Fish translation program. That being said, once you know what the basic whitepages terms are (name, address, company, etc...) you may be able to navigate and enter the pertinent info without a direct translation.