How to Find a Program on the Computer

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How to Find a Program on the Computer. You've looked in the usual places and you can't find your file. It's not on the desktop or in your program file but you're sure it's somewhere. Now it's time to let your computer help you. By following these steps, you can find your missing program.


Step 1

Click "Start" at the bottom left of the screen. A menu appears. Click "Find" or "Search." The "Search Results" window opens.

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Step 2

View the "What do You Want to Search For" menu on the left. Click "All Files and Folders". A search pane opens up. Type the name or part of the name of the program you want to find in the top box.


Step 3

Click the arrow at the end of the "Look in" box. A menu of all your computer file locations opens up. Choose "Local Hard Drives" from the list. This is usually C if you only have one hard drive. It may be two letters if you have two hard drives. Add any other information like the size if you know it. If not, just click "Search."


Step 4

Your computer will now search for the program. Each time it finds a copy of the program or any file containing the program name, the computer displays the information on the right side of the search window.


Step 5

Click "Stop" when your program is displayed or wait until the computer finishes searching for the program on the computer.


Step 6

Look at the files listed. The title and file path will be displayed. Can't see the file path? Click "View" at the top of the Search Page. Click "Details" on the menu. Pay attention to the full file name. The path will tell you where to find your missing file.

Step 7

Click on the program name to go right to the program.

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