How to Find a Server URL

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Server URLs (or Uniform Resource Locators) are the names that we typically think of when we think about a server (, for example). These URLs are actually translated into server IP addresses when we navigate to a web page, because each URL is assigned to an IP address. Thus, if you know the IP address of the server, you can find out the URL with a simple command.


Step 1

Click on the "Start" button and click on "Run" (Windows XP) or click on the Search Bar (Windows Vista or Windows 7).

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Step 2

Type "cmd" into the box and hit the "Enter" key (all versions of Windows).


Step 3

Type "ping -a 123.456.789.123" into the command prompt, substituting the IP address of the server you are looking up for "123.456.789.123" (all versions of Windows).


Step 4

Read the server URL from the response given in the command prompt window.