How to Find a UK Address From a Telephone Number

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You can use one of several reverse lookup services available online today to obtain the address of an individual using a seemingly unrelated piece of information.
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In today's "plugged in" society, a wide array of personal and/or identifying information can be found online. In fact, a simple Google search of a single individual's name can reveal a trove of data about them, ranging from their current address to various social media profiles. While this trend may be somewhat alarming for those who value their privacy, others considerate it a valuable convenience.


If you have the telephone number of a UK resident, you may be able to leverage available online resources to find the street address for the owner of that number. This process, commonly referred to as a "reverse lookup," is used by individuals around the world on a daily basis to find the address from a phone number.


You can use one of several reverse lookup services available online today to obtain the address of an individual using a seemingly unrelated piece of information. If you have a telephone number for a UK resident, you will be able to find their address.

The Basics of a Reverse Lookup

As the name implies, a reverse lookup is designed to seek out specific types of information based on what may initially be a smaller or seemingly unrelated piece of data. In its earliest form, a reverse lookup was designed to provide individuals with the ability to connect a name with a phone number. If, for example, you received a missed call from a phone number you did not recognize, you could use the reverse lookup to find the name of the individual who made the call. A Google phone number lookup may also do the trick.


Since its introduction, the reverse lookup has evolved significantly. Today, many online platforms offering the reverse lookup service have leveraged a variety of public records databases. This has opened up opportunities for a variety of searches which, although not technically a "reverse lookup" by the original definition, remain very powerful.

Locating the UK Address

In order to get started with your reverse lookup, you will first need to find the appropriate online platform to complete this task. A simple Google search for "UK Reverse Lookup" will reveal a variety of businesses and online platforms that offer this service. When browsing these results, your primary considerations should be A.) whether or not the platform in question offers the specific type of reverse lookup you require and B.) whether or not you are required to pay a fee to use these services.


In some situations, these lookup services may charge fees to customers. This is particularly true for more specialized lookups. In the event that the free services you have located do not provide the results you are looking for, you may need to consider a more "premium" offering.

Other Options to Explore

In the event that you cannot directly connect a phone number to a street address, you could also use a free cell phone number lookup as the first step in a long search. For example, you could do a reverse cell phone number lookup to source the name of the individual who owns the number, and then use that name as part of a search for an address.


Or, if you already know the name of the individual who owns the telephone number, you could forego the telephone search entirely and simply focus on connecting an address to the name. This strategy may help you avoid any fees or costs associated with lookups.