How to Find a Yahoo Email Address

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Finding a Yahoo! email address is fairly easy, except you'll likely have to pay to see it in its entirety when you've finished your search. Yahoo! charges the fee probably to discourage strangers or spammers who may be unwilling to shell out the cash for one email address; however, if the seeker does decide to pay, it's a profit for Yahoo!


Step 1

Navigate to the Yahoo! People Search page by going to the Yahoo! homepage, clicking on "More Yahoo! Services," and finally clicking on "People Search."

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Step 2

Enter the person's first and last name (the last name is required) and click on "Search."


Step 3

Select the person's name and email address on the search list. There may be multiple entries, so when you click on one, you'll be taken to the Intelius database, which is where Yahoo! gets information. Intelius is a company that gets people's public information from the White Pages and lists it on the Internet for others to find.



Step 4

Match the person's name with his or her location and choose the email address on the list. The email address will be partially blocked, so you'll have to click on "View Complete Email."

Step 5

Purchase an Intelius "Instant Email Lookup Report" if you want to find this email so much that you're willing to pay for it. You can buy a report with a credit card and view it instantly.



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