How To Find Email Passwords on a Computer

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Find lists of saved passwords that you've lost somewhere on your computer.

Email passwords are specific words or codes that you use to log into your email and other online accounts. If you have saved lists of passwords on a computer, in a word processing document or a note writing document, you can refer to the document when you check your email. This is a good idea if you are prone to forgetting passwords, or if you have a lot of email accounts that require different passwords. If you've lost your list somewhere on your computer, you can use the Find function on you computer to find them again.


Step 1

Click on your Start menu. Click on "Find," "Search" or "Look For" depending on your operating system. A small box will pop up with an area for you to type in.

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Step 2

Select "C" or "hard drive" if your operating system and computer give you an option of where to search. If you don't get this option, the default is probably set to search your entire computer, so don't worry about it.


Step 3

Type information into the box that corresponds with the list of saved passwords lost on your computer. If you remember what you titled the document, try this first. If you know which email accounts are listed, you can type in those email accounts. Keep trying different searches until the computer finds your list of passwords.





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